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When a Gynaecologist herself is a Numerologist too, she can choose a favorable baby delivery date for the couple in select cases. When the delivery date is favorable, the baby will be born lucky in this life.


Characteristic nature of the baby is predicted and accordingly parents are counselled regarding how to bring up the child. Parents are supported in selecting a numerologically balanced name for the baby. This name will continue to prove lucky for the baby throughout life. Lucky colors, lucky days, lucky numbers are given.

Delivery Date

A few numbers are very important in a person’s life, these are-mobile number, phone number, bank account number. Parents are even guided about how to select these numbers when this child will grow up so that they prove lucky for the child. Parents are also guided about the suitable profession for this child according to the child’s characteristics. With so much support for the future of the child, parents feel very assured and comfortable in bringing up the child.

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Best baby delivery date

Best baby delivery date

If it is possible to choose baby delivery date, then the whole destiny of the child can be eased out. Favorable Driver & Conductor, their compatibility and luck factor, all these criteria make or break an individual’s life.

Name spelling Name spelling

Name spelling

This one factor is 100% in our hand. A supportive name completes the numerological grid, removes obstacles and brings loads of luck for the person. If this suitable name is selected right from birth, then need for firefighting at later stage of life is reduced.

Lucky color Lucky color

Lucky color

If one follows the color chart as per the days of the week, then lady luck starts to smile upon the person. More importantly, by avoiding unlucky colors, you can minimize disasters in your life.

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Dr. Himani R Gupta

Dr. Himani R Gupta is a Gynaecologist. She has learnt Numerology from world famous Numerologist, Mr.Sanddeep Bajaj who is founder of ‘Anko Ka Khel’ and hails from Delhi. In day-to-day life, she interacts with many new people. She shows a keen interest in knowing their date of birth and making numerological analysis for them. What started as hobby is now proving to be a very effective tool for bringing betterment of life for others.

Not just patients, but her friends, family members and colleagues also consult her for life advise and get good guidance. Lives of so many people are changing. When parents consult her for their child’s career, they get meaningful insight about suitable profession for their child. Many grown ups have taken her consultation and made changes in their profession, career, family life. It gives them lots of inner peace when they read their analysis and get to have answer of age-old question-Who am I? What am I doing here? What is it that I am destined to do? Why am I good at certain things and not so capable in doing other things? More than that, they walk away with success assured remedies for the wants in their lives.


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Understanding a patient's numerology profile can help tailor treatment plans and communication styles for a more patient-centered approach.

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