What is ‘Conductor’ number in numerology & how to calculate it

In numerology, the Conductor number is thought to represent your outer personality, how you navigate the world, and how you interact with others. It contrasts with the Driver number, which is associated with your inner self. Similar to the Driver number, the Conductor number is calculated using your birthdate.

Conductor is the second important terminology in numerology.

To arrive at the conductor number, we use following formula

Calculation of day brought to single digit + Calculation of month brought to single digit + Calculation of year brought to single digit 

We add all these numbers and arrive at a single digit-this gives us Conductor number.

Now we come to live example.

Supposing today’s date is 23.3.2024

Conductor in this case is




Calculation for conductor in this case is 5+3+8=16 Now take it to single digit-1+6=7

Our answer in this case is



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