What is ‘Driver’ number in numerology & how to calculate it

In numerology, the Driver number is believed to reveal your inner self, your core motivations, and your general approach to life. It’s essentially a single-digit number derived from your birthdate.

Driver is the first important terminology in numerology This number denotes the “Day”- If it is a single digit-we take it as such . Example-1,2,3,4…and so on If it is double digit-we add these digits and arrive at a single number.Example-
And so on….you get the idea right…
Driver number gives us the idea about qualities of a person. Each number from 1-9 represents a different planet & accordingly the characteristics attached to it.
Now we come to live example.
Supposing today’s date is 23.3.2024
Driver in this case is-2+3=5


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