What is the role of remedies in Numerology

There are many remedies which are suggested to the person seeking consultation. These remedies are number based. As each number represent a planet, hence enhancing the power of a certain number will bring desired changes in your life. For example, if a person is experiencing money related issues, then the remedies are targeted at strengthening No-5,if a person is facing mental instability then we look to purify No-2

There are two kinds of remedies-

1) Feng Shui remedies are base on missing numbers in the grid and how to obtain blessing even from that planet. The remedies are in the form of crystal bracelets.

2) Vedic remedies are according to the Hindu mythology and are now gaining popularity very rapidly. They are very effective. They are based on doing certain donations and pooja of certain Gods on specified days.

The world of remedies is very vast & very much result oriented.


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