People having 77 in their numerological Loshu grid are prone to get betrayed in life. It is advisable that they should learn to say ‘NO’. They should take control of their emotions.

One remedy & it is applied to both genders is that they should have their both ears pierced and wear only gold in them. 

It will minimize their chances of getting betrayed

Numerology deals with the numbers attached to you through your date of birth. Now this date of birth is unchangeable. Date of birth determines which planets will have effect on your life and how. Some adverse effects cannot be totally eliminated but by using numerology, can me made milder in their effects.

Numerology calculates the digital vibration of each letter and ultimately arrives at a single digit. I f this arrived digit is compatible with your Driver & Conductor; it can bring lots of luck to you.

Phone number is a very great vibration that is attached to a person nowadays. A person will use mobile so many times in a day. Imagine if the number calculation vibrations are correct,how much support it will bring to your life.

Bank account is one place where all your money related transactions take place. All our payment gateways whether it is Gpay or Paytm are also linked to it. Money comes into it. Money goes from it. In order to have loads of money opportunities, it is important that your bank account number should come to a favourable digit numerologically.

The style of your signature is deeply attached to your sub-conscious mind. One look at your signature is enough to tell your life story. Reverse is also true. Once you make necessary corrections in your signature, it starts to open new doorways of progress for you.

According to your date of birth it is determined what colours are lucky for you. If start following ‘Colour Therapy’, lady luck will start following you.

Yes, that is why they are given the name-Lucky days. The calculation is unique for each person,based on date of birth. Your ‘Lucky Days’ are auspicious for you. If you start your new ventures on your lucky days then success is assured.

Whenever you are buying something significant in life, like a house, vehicle, shop, ware-house etc, you can select its number according to your lucky numbers. It is self-explanatory that it will prove lucky for you.

Numerology is an excellent tool to give insight about suitable career choices for that individual. Some people are made for singing, some for sports, some for politics & others for Govt. job. Predictions made by numerology are very accurate & can help a child to choose career, even an adult person can get insight whether to continue in the same profession or quit & try a new one. They also get to know whether the new venture about which they are thinking is right for them.

Numerology is a very accurate science in predicting partner compatibility. It can give you insight whether to go ahead in permanent relationship with that person or stay away. Not only that it will tell you many other aspects of that relationship like who will bring money into home, who will bring stability to the relationship, who will take care of kids more, who will get cranky in relationship & who will keep calm.

Even business partnership compatibility can also be predicted.